The GatherPress documentation is a work in progress.

Documentation for users

Documentation for developers


  • Event Scheduling: set dates, times, and provide event information details.
  • Attendee registration.
  • Ability for attendees to be listed anonymously (only administrators will see their names).
  • Emailing system: to send emails to all the group members, or a specific event attendees, non-attendees, and those on the waiting list.
  • In person events: add the venue, with an optional map (refer to point 4)
  • Online event management: add the video meeting URL.
  • Multi-event management: capability to handle multiple events simultaneously.
  • Multisite environment: This setup allows for centralized management while providing flexibility for each site to host its own unique events with its settings (language, timezone, date time format) and set of users.
  • Works with blocks.
  • Fully internationalized.
  • Freedom to add content besides the default event/venue blocks, to remove default blocks, and add synced patterns (useful for adding consistent information across all events).

Upcoming features

  • Allow attendees to add guests.
  • Import events from with an addon plugin (currently in development).
  • Recurring events.
  • Calendar block.
  • Email notification when event starts.


See a quick overview of GatherPress in the demo video below (opens on Youtube in a new window/tab)

GatherPress Youtube placeholder image