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Mike Auteri Featured on WP Tavern Podcast!

Mike Auteri, one of the GatherPress team leads, was recently interviewed by Nathan Wrigley on the WP Tavern podcast! In this insightful episode, called “Mike Auteri on Using GatherPress to Organise WordPress Events“, Mike delves into the development and vision behind GatherPress, our innovative WordPress plugin designed to streamline event management within the WordPress ecosystem.

Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  1. Purpose and Vision: Mike explains that GatherPress was created to address the specific needs of WordPress event organizers. The plugin replicates essential event features traditionally managed on external platforms like Meetup, but within the WordPress environment, ensuring a seamless and integrated experience for users.
  2. Open Source Commitment: GatherPress is built on the principles of open source, allowing the WordPress community to customize and enhance it according to their needs. Mike emphasizes the importance of maintaining alignment with the WordPress community’s roadmap and values, ensuring that GatherPress evolves with input from its users.
  3. Features and Benefits: The episode highlights key functionalities of GatherPress, such as RSVP management, calendar integration, and attendee lists, all powered by WordPress blocks. These features aim to simplify event organization and enhance community interaction.
  4. Future Prospects: Mike discusses the potential for GatherPress to revolutionize event management for WordPress users, particularly by leveraging the plugin’s integration with WordPress’s infrastructure. This shift promises greater control over content and promotion, bringing WordPress-powered events to the forefront.

We encourage you to listen to the full interview to gain a deeper understanding of GatherPress and its potential impact on our community.


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