DoTheWoo capture with Mike, Patricia and Mervin

Catch Us on “Do the Woo” Podcast!

We are thrilled to announce that our team members, Mike, Mervin, and Patricia, were recently featured on the “Do the Woo” podcast by Bob Dunn! They had an insightful discussion about our latest initiative, the GatherPress plugin, which aims to revolutionize how we organize WordPress events.

In this episode, they delve into:

  • The Vision Behind GatherPress: Mike, Mervin, and Patricia share the inspiration and goals driving the development of GatherPress, highlighting its potential to replace traditional meetup platforms with a more integrated and community-focused solution.
  • Key Features and Benefits: They discuss how GatherPress simplifies event management, enhances user experience, and provides new opportunities for community engagement.
  • Future Plans: Learn about the exciting future developments planned for GatherPress and how it will continue to evolve based on community feedback.

We invite you to listen to the episode here and get a deeper understanding of how GatherPress can transform the way we connect and collaborate within the WordPress community.


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