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Michelle Frechette mentions GatherPress to Matt Mullenweg

A big thank you to Michelle Frechette for mentioning the GatherPress project on the WPConstellations special episode with Matt Mullenweg. GatherPress was mentioned alongside WPSpeakers and

At 23’00” in the video.

You can read the transcript below



(copied from WPConstellation episode)

But I was at WordCamp last year at 8 WordCamp, and I came under criticism from somebody who said, you shouldn’t be creating these outside of You should give these ideas, especially if you’re not looking to make money and all of that, that these should exist within

Since I published that, we also have now theWP World that Marcus Burnette has. We have GatherPress that’s coming up, we have, you know, other jobs boards and things like that. So I’m wondering what your thoughts are on people like me who see a need, find a gap and fill it.

[00:23:39] Matt: I would kind of do a “yes, and.”

I mean, the beautiful thing about WordPress is it’s open. So, yes, you can do that. We have some restrictions around the trademark. right. Like, you have to call it WP, not WordPress. But you know what? Do it. And I think that you had to do it on your own domain probably means that our methods of allowing someone to spin something like that up on maybe has a high barrier. That’s probably a nice way to put it. Honestly, I don’t think these things happen unless I ask for them to be totally honest right now. So if it’s not something I asked for or you proposed to me, it doesn’t really happen on right now. I would love for these things too. And now when we do something on, we’re committing to maintain it for life. So that’s part of why we have this deliberation.

But I don’t think there’s anything wrong. And we have done this in the past where something starts out in the community and then we kind of like acquire it or incorporate it into


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